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Still not sure which camera you need for your application?  The above list can be intimidating and when you add to it the number of vendors it becomes downright confusing.  Upstate Technical  Equipment has experience specifying and integrating all types of cameras from numerous vendors.   We can provide images from our testing lab and often evaluation camera are available as well.  

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DALSA - offers powerful, innovative CCD and CMOS cameras combining industry leading performance with industry leading feature sets and value.

Area Scan: Genie  |  Falcon |  Pantera
Line Scan: Spyder ColorPiranha Color |  Trillium |  Eclipse


BASLER - offers one of the largest selections of industrial and network cameras and accessories for applications in factory automation, traffic systems, as well as medical and life sciences.

  | Area Scan | 3D Cameras


MIKROTRON - MIKROTRON‘s Machine Vision cameras are small and sturdy. Due to their outstanding performance characteristics, they are efficient tools for monitoring the fastest motion processes. Even if conditions are odd (e.g. limited space, difficult lighting conditions, variations in temperature, vibrations), MIKROTRON‘s Machine Vision cameras are ideally suited for optical control. Errors can be identified reliably and defective processes corrected. A targeted control and optimization of automated processes raises efficiency and assures high quality in a way that costs can be reduced.

EoSens CXP Series | BROCHURE




PHOTONFOCUS - a leading developer of High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate CMOS Sensors and Camera Link Cameras.


SONY - Sony Visual Imaging Products, a division of Sony Electronics Inc., is a world renowned leader in camera technology. Sony manufactures high quality professional and industrial CCD video cameras, including Smart, IEEE 1394.b, Camera LinkTM, analog B/W, high-speed progressive scan, 1-CCD and 3-CCD color, network, block and video conferencing cameras. From machine vision, factory automation, microscopy and inspection to security and process control, Sony cameras offer value, choice and flexibility.