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Frame Grabbers

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fg iconConnecting cameras to your application, frame grabbers play a critical role in many vision applications, ensuring that data is efficiently and reliably captured. Regardless of the type of camera interface you require, Upstate Technical  Equipment works with two of the top vendors in the industry covering every aspect of image data acquisition (analog, SDI, FireWire, GigE, Camera Link, LVDS). Any of the products listed below can be integrated into a custom system.

MATROX IMAGING - a leading designer of PC-based hardware and software for machine vision, image analysis, medical imaging and video surveillance.  Products include frame grabbers, vision processors, imaging platforms, smart cameras and development software.

Concord Family | PDF Brochure
Matrox Concord is a family of Gigabit Ethernet network interface cards (NICs) and IEEE 1394b adaptors that are pre-licensed for use with the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) drivers for the GigE Vision™ and IEEE 1394 IIDC protocols.

Morphis Family | Evo | QxT | Morphis
Matrox Morphis is a family of cost-effective video capture boards whose dual-, quad- or 16-decoder architecture supports simultaneous acquisition. Some variants offer JPEG2000 compression/decompression and MPEG-4 encoding capabilities.

Solios Family | eV-CL | eCL/XCL-B | eCL/XCL | GigE | eA/XA
Matrox Solios is a family of cost-effective frame grabbers for analog, Camera Link® and GigE Vision™ image acquisition based on high-performance PCIe™ / PCI-X® interfaces. An optional, customizable FPGA-based processing core is available to off-load image processing tasks.

Helios Family | eA/XA | eCL/XCL | eD/XA
Matrox Helios is a family of high-performance PCIe™ / PCI-X® frame grabbers that acquires from high-fidelity analog, LVDS/RS-422 and Camera Link® sources, and offers powerful pre-processing capabilities.

Vio Family | PDF Brochure
Matrox Vio is a family of PCIe™ video capture and display boards for handling high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) video in Serial Digital Interface (SDI) or analog formats.

Odyssey Family | eA/XA | eCL/XCL | eD/XD | Xpro
Our vision processing technology integrates high-bandwidth acquisition and real-time scalable processing.

BITFLOW - a leading producer of analog, digital and Camera Link frame grabbers. The company also provides image analysis and machine vision software and application development software for the imaging industry.

Alta-AN | PDF Brochure
The Alta-AN is an affordable, versatile analog product family for Semiconductor and Industrial Vision OEMs. This family can acquire from almost any analog cameras on the market, from high speed asynchronous-reset monochrome cameras to super high resolution color HDTV cameras. The Alta frame grabbers are high-quality, flexible, PCI Express bus imaging products, well supported by an easy-to-use SDK, and drivers for most popular software imaging packages.

Karbon-CL | PDF Brochure
Karbon-CL is the world's first four-camera PCI Express frame grabber. It can simultaneously acquire from up to four Base CL cameras or two Full CL cameras (including 10-tap CL). It is built on top of BitFlow's FlowThru technology, which provides zero latency access to data, super low CPU usage, and unlimited DMA destination size. The Karbon-CL is the first member of BitFlow's Karbon family, a platform that will host a wide variety of virtual frame grabbers. These virtual frame grabbers can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Neon-CL | PDF Brochure
Simplify your industrial or semiconductor imaging application with BitFlow's new Neon-CL, the world's first Power over Camera Link (PoCL) frame grabber. PoCL is the new Camera Link (CL) standard for providing power to the camera over the CL cable. With the Neon-CL, Camera Link now supports simple, one-cable installations while providing data rates up to 255 megabytes per second!


Featured Products

RADIENT PCI-e 2.0 x8 CoaXPress frame grabbers.
EonSens High Speed CMOS CoaXPress, Camera Link and GigE cameras.
MV1-D1312-240-CL-8 High Speed CMOS Camera. 1248 x 1082 @ 170fps with BASE Camera Link interface.