computers iconToday's applications rely heavily on computers for data acquisition, display, processing, storage as well as motion control. In addition, these applications need to withstand a wide array of environments. Upstate Technical Equipment works directly with MicroDISC to develop computer systems that meet the requirements of your specific application. So whether you are looking for a desktop, rackmount, portable, ruggedized or server system we can build it for you and ensure that it is 100% compatible with the imaging hardware and software components that you need.


4Sight XB | PDF Brochure
Matrox 4Sight X is a high-performance embedded system for image capture, processing, and display that features powerful Intel® multi-core CPU and GPU technology. A small footprint and rugged construction make Matrox 4Sight X ideal for demanding industrial environments.

Supersight | PDF Brochure
Matrox Supersight is a high performance computing (HPC) platform that integrates CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and frame grabbers on a configurable high-speed switched fabric.

Nexis | PDF Brochure
Matrox Nexis is a highly integrated imaging acquisition sub-system for machine vision applications. Intended for use with Matrox 4Sight M and Matrox 4Sight X, the Matrox Nexis features two remote camera heads combined with a dual camera control unit (CCU) and frame grabber on a single PC/104-Plus™ card.


Embedded Dual Core Systems

1U Server Systems
MD-1U19-810F | MIL SPEC

2U Server Systems
MD-2U21-810F | MIL SPEC

3U Server Systems

4U Server Systems
MD-4U20-810F | MIL SPEC
MD-4U23-810F | MIL SPEC

Small Form Factor, Solid State, High Performance PC 

5U Server Systems

6U Server Systems 

Desktop/Tower Server Systems 

Speakers   l   Monitors
1U & 2U Rack Mount KVMs
1U Rack Mount Keyboards
Rack Mount TFT Displays

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