Upstate Technical Equipment has been supplying imaging systems for microscopes for 40 years.  Using a microscope to study and analyze biological or industrial samples most often requires a way to capture and archive images.  Years ago photomicrography involved  using a film camera.  Now customers have the advantage of high resolution digital cameras and software for image capture, archiving and also sophisticated image analysis.  Also, when a dynamic process needs to be monitored through the microscope, whether it be biological motion, analysis or industrial materials testing, we have the ability to record the events in real-time.  Since Upstate has many years of microscopy experience we can help you choose the best camera and hardware for your application.  This way you are not limited to a specific microscope manufacturer's choice of equipment.  We look at your application and choose the best sensor characteristics and optical adapters for your application.  This may include matching the numerical aperture of a lens system with a particular camera's pixel resolution and sensitivity.

Please contact us for advice and help regarding any digital microscopy requirements.  We can also supply high magnification optical systems such as stereomicroscopes, high magnification lenses and compound microscopes from Motic, Meiji and Navitar.