At the heart of an imaging system lies a computer. Whether you need a desktop, rack mount, portable, server, or industrial computer, we can supply a stock or custom machine to suit your needs.

Matrox 4Sight EV7

The Matrox 4Sight EV7 is an industrial computer built for machine vision on the factory floor. Part of a long and solid history, the Matrox 4Sight EV7 is an evolution of its immediate predecessor, integrating a twelfth-generation twelve-core Intel® Core™processor for ever more demanding multi-camera applications.

A fanless design and small form factor make the Matrox 4Sight EV6 right at home in any production facility. With its many GigE and USB3 ports, the 4Sight is capable of monitoring and analysing data from multiple cameras simultaneously.

4Sight EV6
4Sight EV6


When a custom computer system is needed, Upstate Technical Equipment works directly with MicroDISC to develop a system built specifically for the project at hand. Since 1984, MicroDISC has been building integrated systems for Industry, Government, Aerospace, and Academia. Whether you need a rack mount, desktop, portable, ruggedized, or server system, we can provide a device that suits your needs.