Other Equipment

From lighting to cables and from frame grabbers to microscopy, let us fill in the gaps in your system.

We can help provide the additional equipment and accessories needed for your system. Please contact us to determine if we can provide the right equipment for your needs. Below are a few examples of the types of additional products we can provide.

Frame Grabber

Frame Grabbers

For years, UPSTATE TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT has been providing quality frame grabbers from well known manufacturers such as Matrox, BitFlow, and Basler.

Meiji Microscope

Microscopy/High Magnification

Upstate Technical Equipment has decades of experience in microscopy. We supply high magnification optical systems from Infinity Photo Optical that use a sophisticated lens system to achieve microscope magnifications at various working distances.



A system is only as reliable as its cables. Let us provide you with reliable standard or premium cables that suit your needs.



When designing an imaging system, proper lighting is critical. Let us help you find an off-the-shelf or custom lighting solution that fulfills your exact needs.